How To Rise Above The Noise Online

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How To Rise Above The Noise Online

Though the world wide web is a seemingly infinite space, more and more brands are creating new content online every minute. From social media posts on Facebook and Twitter (which are just 2 out of hundreds of social channels) to website and blog post updates, there is a lot of content pushed out online. All this content creates a lot of noise to sift through. While it is a necessity to have an online presence, how you manage yourself online will determine the success of your online business endeavors.

Determining the specifics of your content is the first step in rising above the noise online. There are some key phrases that are often over used and rarely produce the intended results and you should stray away from. This includes the much overused “Check it out.”

What do you do when you see the phrase “Check It Out” in an online post? Are you drawn to click the link it is connected to, or spend more time on the page? Probably not. This phrase is one of the noisiest lines spoken constantly online. It rarely gets the attention it seeks, and yet it is constantly thrown around.

Think of what specifically the content is about that you want to send your online audience to, and use descriptions that draw people in. This could include quoting a customer’s review about your product or a short testimonial. It might include describing the highlights of a service or the benefits of a product from the user’s perspective. This type of communication draws interest into your post and content. It makes people want to know more. This is a key way to rise above the constant noise of “check it out” online.

There is a whole psychology of using certain words and phrases to illicit responses from others. This is the key ingredient in any sales transaction. With online marketing, your initial purpose might be just to gain your target client’s attention. Certain words and phrases stand a better chance of achieving this goal than the aforementioned (and overstated) one.

The word “because” has proven to create response when used 94% of the time when used as a reason for action to be taken (according to a study cited by Entrepreneur magazine at The reason for this response has everything to do with there being a reason included. When you give people a reason for why they should engage with your brand online, you achieve a better response than not citing one.

Look for specific words that you can associate with your messaging and the copy that helps you create that intrigue needed to convert viewers into engaged customers. These words include “remarkable,” “new,” “you,” and “free.”

Many companies and brands are occupying online real estate with clutter. Images and pictures also add to this noise. Some videos do the same thing. More and more posts on social media include images and video, creating more and more noise that your target client or customer has to navigate through. Be selective when choosing what images and video to incorporate into your posts. Make sure your images are of a high quality, and that your videos feature something that either entertains or enlightens the viewer in some way. Find a compelling reason that states why they should play the video in the first place. Don’t assume that because the video will play automatically, it will actually be seen.

You want people to respond and engage with your content. Be specific on how you address people to achieve this. Otherwise, you just join the endless crowd of noise. Be different. Be unique, and rise above.


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