Expanding Web & Social Media In Lubbock

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013 in Productivity, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Web Marketing

“But isn’t Social Media Marketing just having a Facebook page or a Twitter account? We have that,” you may be thinking. You may have created a Facebook page for your business sometime last year or a few months ago. When was the last time you posted something on your business Facebook page? Do your posts get your fans talking with you, creating conversations that lead to more interest in your product? If you remember to update your Facebook status on Tuesday and don’t post something again for 3 weeks, you’re missing opportunities for real connection.

Dream Spectrum has spent the past several years helping clients in Abilene grow using cutting-edge software development. We have also expanded our ability to help clients build relationships with their existing customers and turn prospects into clients. The secret is Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing. But not all social media marketing is created equal.

Dream Spectrum now provides this unique online marketing strategy in Lubbock, Texas. We are venturing out into the greater realms of West Texas-Lubbock to assist in Online Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is the fastest growing method of marketing products, services and businesses. It’s also very cost-efficient because it allows users to accurately track metrics for audience use, growth rate, and connection rate. Traditional media outlets lack this offering, and their services are usually very expensive.

Combining pin-point focus and seasoned experience, Dream Spectrum provides opportunities for Lubbock businesses large and small to create deeper connections with their existing clients and convert online fans into paying customers. All at a price that is not only reasonable, but also affordable.

Connection is the key. We are excited to connect with Lubbock businesses.

Just having a Facebook or Twitter account with random posts doesn’t do anything for your business. Trust us. Comment or message us to discover how our expertise in social media marketing will improve your business.


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