What We Do

“Simply… we build websites, web software, and manage online marketing campaigns. For fun we build robots!”
– Shawn Altman, DS Project Manager

Dream Spectrum employs true masters of the craft, in order to provide a service that can meet your needs in web development and marketing. Often times, finding a balance between stunning visuals, usability and functionality can be challenging. It takes a cutting edge group to blend all these elements together with today’s technology. While other web companies are worried about making things look just right, they lose focus on the functionality. Or maybe they can get the system working right but to your customers the product just isn’t visually appealing. We provide top notch Developers and Designers to work together which gives your project the best possible outcome. Abilene Websites have been our focus the last 10 years and are now in Lubbock Tx.

Prototypical Software Development

Dream Spectrum focuses on functionality first, making a product available as soon as possible, then it refines the product through a comprehensive testing stage.

Web Development

Dream Spectrum is known for its reliable, open-source, and custom web applications ranging from logistics to social media including game and mobile app development.

Marketing Services

Dream Spectrum works with online marketing and social networking. Online marketing includes social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Google+).

Start-up Development

Give your business a competitive advantage with a modern, interactive website.

Dream Spectrum specializes in:

  • Open Source Solutions
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Flash Design & Development
  • E Commerce
  • Online Marketing
  • Branding & Corporate Identity
  • MultiMedia Production
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software Development
  • Website Development

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