Will Content Marketing Always Be King?

Posted by on Jul 20, 2014 in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Marketing

Will Content Marketing Always Be King?

Time Change Time is always the mystery solver, and predicting what the future holds is what experts and gurus in every industry (especially in the financial world) make their living on. However, it is hard to conceive of a time when content creation will not be a universal resource that benefits business, at least as long as the web is a resource for business connection and growth.

Build Content That Brings People Back For More

Workplace, Man working on the laptop One thing that is true now, and will become more and more apparent over time, is that great content will always have a strong value. Content marketing itself can only do so much. This is especially true in blogging. There are many bloggers (individuals and businesses) who have built strong followers and credibility by writing excellent posts. These posts sometimes range in word volume, but always (or nearly always) lead you to consume the entire blog article. Well-written content is a powerful resource for content creators because it brings people back again and again.

The same dynamic is true in the culinary arts. Excellent cooks make a lot of food, but they put a special touch in what they do so that nothing is bland, ordinary, or just calories on a plate. Buffets operate much differently. On a buffet, many different types of food are positioned on various platters and kept warm with oven lamps. While you may enjoy the selection of choices, or prefer one buffet type over another, there’s a small chance you would choose to dine at a buffet when you could have a specialist chef make your dinner (taking cost considerations out of the equation). Large quantities of food have their place, but specialist cuisine will garner a much higher rating for the restaurant and a more passionate following of diners.

Build Strong Connections With Great Content

?????????n The same principle is true when applied to content marketing creation and content marketing. Posting content for content’s sake, or creating blogs and posts just for the sake of site optimization and keywords serves a purpose but will do little in the end to create the results you want. Those results are increased business, stronger connections to clients, and a better brand identity. Continue to add content to your website and blog, but be mindful of your intentions to achieve optimum results. Quality will always rule quantity over time.


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