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Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Team Members

DreamSpectrum welcomes Shawn Altman to the team!

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p style=”text-align: left;”We are so excited to be expanding the company! We are even more excited about who has joined us! As of yesterday, Shawn Altman has come aboard to help our clients reach their dreams even more efficiently! The big question is “who is Shawn Altman?”/p
Shawn Thomas Altman grew up in Bar Harbor, Maine. As a child he was given a canoe to paddle around Acadia National Park.  His developed a passion for kayaking while he worked in a local bicycle and kayak store during high school. In 2000 he started working for AquaTerra Adventures in Bar Harbor, ME. It was not long before he became the lead sea kayak Instructor. He has paddled destinations all over the east coast from Maine to Florida and various locations along the West Coast.

I am sure you are now asking “What use is a kayak instructor to a software development company?”

Well get this! After leading clients on day and overnight trips on the Canadian boarders, for nearly 10 years, a passion for learning business development, marketing, and technology started to emerge. So, he returned to school in Portland Oregon to focus on business development and accounting. Soon he realized that Computer Information Systems with a focus on Data Base and Software was the best fit for him. Once Shawn received his degree in 2010 he moved to Abilene, Texas, where he worked closely with his father who  has played a large role in the Texas Tech University SBDC. Shawn found a job with Genesis Network Solutions as a contractor for a Global Client. He has now spent three years helping tech start-ups, supporting enterprise level applications, sales, marketing, and general business development.

Now can you understand why we are so excited?

Stay tuned-in to see what happens next!


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