Online Marketing Essentials (part 1)

Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Marketing

Traditional Marketing VS Online Marketing in Abilene

The days of marketing being a matter of getting publicity on radio, TV or newspapers is long gone. These are still great outlets for promoting your business, product/service, and/or specials out to many people at one time, but not a great way to necessarily measure the impact of the marketing endeavor. For businesses large and small, measuring the ROI on money going out for marketing and promotion is essential. Online marketing is the key to having a positive ROI on marketing endeavors.

Online marketing with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Online Marketing with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Online marketing is more than just having a website, it’s creating engagement with real people on the web. It’s using your unique entity to create change and participating in conversations using the Internet. Conversations with your current and future clients make for more business for you and more opportunities for growth.

Online marketing gets confused with online advertising. Aren’t they one in the same? No, yet advertising has a role in marketing a business both in local, regional and national markets. The purpose of marketing is to make yourself known by those who don’t know about your product/service/company and to better entrench you with those who do. Marketing helps create more opportunities for return business. Online advertising puts you in front of people but doesn’t create opportunities for you to engage with them to answer questions, address comments, or other conversational interaction.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is where online conversation takes place, both for individuals and for businesses trying to reach individuals. Social media is also where businesses advertise themselves to gain more exposure. Can you market your business using social media advertising without keeping up with a social media page? Perhaps. Let’s use Facebook as an example. If you’re wanting to reach your target market in Abilene, Tx using Facebook, you can create targeted campaigns that will put your business name, logo, and website in front of thousands of individuals who fit the demographics you are trying to reach. You can identify age groups, specific interests, and surrounding areas of Abilene like Stamford, Clyde, Sweetwater, or Brownwood. You don’t have to have a Facebook page to setup this advertisement. You can have the ad link to your existing website where more information on your business can be found.

However, if someone wants to ask a question about the ad, or if they want to make a comment about their experience with your company, they are less likely to attempt to do that by following a link to your page, even if you have a Contact Us link on your site. Instead, having a Facebook business page will allow for the individuals you have targeted in Abilene and the surrounding areas to not only interact with you, but get a better understanding of your company. Social pages showcase how you communicate, how you represent yourself through your posts, and what you’re all about. Pages create conduits for conversation.

Dream Spectrum Can Provide Help with Online Marketing

Online marketing requires creation of content to facilitate interactions and conversations. How do you create content that drives people to your page (social pages or website) and where do you find time to do this work when you have the operation of the business to worry about? This is where Dream Spectrum can help. Connect with us to help you get the sure footing you want through online marketing.

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