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DSD has started work with This  is an online luxury marketplace, offering product auctions for retailers, individuals, power sellers, and consignment shops. This is a very promising company that opened its doors in January of 2010 and has seen a good amount of growth.

strongWhat is reFINEstyle…/strong offers individuals and select luxury retailers/consignment shops/power sellers the opportunity to:
liList and sell items, recover costs and profit on merchandise sold via our niche community/li
liSell in a national niche marketplace, with a concentration on authenticity/li
liEnable customers to shop garage sale prices in a luxury department store atmosphere/li
emCurrently gives individuals the opportunity to sell directly. However, for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling items on their own, they can simply enlist the help of a local reFINEstyle “stylist” and they’ll do all the work for the individual seller. reFINEstyle aims to have stylists in every major metro market across the U.S./em

strongSome of the things DSD will be helping with is;/strong
liBuild a platform for fashion sales stylists for rapid bulk inventory upload./li
liOptimize and introduce new components  to the bid process (bid limits and mobile applications)/li
liSearch Engine Optimization/li
liCustomize and improve user interface, and implement smart technology suggestive marketing/li
liStreamline inventory approval process/li
liDevelop new sales structures/li
liUE and UI upgrade/li
liSocial media integration/li
liAdmin and reporting enhancements/li
liMy reFINEstyle page enhancements – auction monitoring/li


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