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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Leadership

strongemLike baseball, business gives everyone a chance to do extremely well, and not just be as good as someone else may be, but better than someone else. This is the nature of man, and the name of the game in both baseball and business./em/strong

strongLeadership Lessons of Baseball/strong

strongBe a positive role model/strong by always displaying good sportsmanship to coaches, officials, opponents, your child’s teammates and their parents.

strongIt is important to understand that leaders have to lead by example/strong, which is a key ingredient to the creation of the positive atmosphere required to encourage others including team members to give their 110 percent effort and put together the best team possible. It should go without saying, that a team is only a team if team members “act like a team.” Otherwise you have just gathered a bunch of individuals doing their own individual thing for themselves.

The main point is that more than ever, it is vitally necessary that leaders demonstrate directly, by way of their actions and behavior, significantly encouraging ways that can easily and clearly demonstrate their passions, beliefs and essential requirements in creating a genuine environment of team-based collaboration and teamwork.

The true leader should always realize that through all of his or her actions, to maintain the focused mind-set that the whole is always better than the sum of the parts. It is essential that because of this, truly effective leaders create an environment where members of the team are willing to bind together in their interactions.

The crucially important real-world example emerges from the simple act of giving of yourself to the team so that people know by observation that you are with them, not only in words but also in action.

strongHighly-effective leaders always set real examples/strong that others both can and will follow. Consequently, leading by example is imperative for highly-successful teams. It is also essential that leaders, through their actions each day, model the sought-after emotions of “team ownership and commitment” to the business organization while taking on a high-level of personal accountability for decisions. In other words and simply put, to be most effective, leaders must perform to the same level and way that they ask employees/team members to perform.

strongTo be a great leader you need to clearly understand/strong that your actions and responses to situations have an enormous and direct impact on the performance of those that are aware and paying attention to your conduct. So, in order to get others significantly engaged in following their leadership, and provide motivation for the team members and their resulting engagement, effective leaders are able to develop and implement creative processes and practices that help lead and effectively encourage others to feel the high-level of passion required for what they do and what they believe in.

strongemEvery effective business leader is a positive role model. It is crucial to clearly understand that if you fail to act in the manner which you’d like your employees to conduct themselves, they won’t. /em/strong


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