Email Can Kill Productivity

Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Productivity

How often do you check your email? Monday I sat down and found that I personally waste approximately 2hrs of my workday checking my email. It is true. You could have 20% more time in your work day. Sad thing is people rarely take immediate action on the emails they get. You may label them and attempt to organize them, but usually we only respond to them at the beginning or end of the day. Most of the interaction with email is actually checking to see what’s there....

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Leadership – Guiding Leaders

Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Leadership

strongemIn baseball and business, you always strive for consistency, not to worrying excessively about the numbers. Dwelling only on statistics makes one shortsighted. The principle is that if you aim for consistency of excellence and precision, the numbers and success will be there at the end./em/strong strongLeadership Lessons of Baseball/strong strongYou should always allow your child to set their own goals /strongand play the game for himself/herself, and for the rich...

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Leadership – Communication Leaders

Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Leadership

strongemBaseball is life… the rest is just details!/em/strong strongLeadership Lessons of Baseball/strong strongLet the coach, coach, /strongand most importantly, refrain from giving your child advice when he or she is playing. Let’s face it, effective leadership in a small business requires understanding and knowledge about how to communicate effectively with all elements of the organization, including employees, other managers, customers and investors. Each unique group...

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Leadership – Positive Role Model Leaders

Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Leadership

strongemLike baseball, business gives everyone a chance to do extremely well, and not just be as good as someone else may be, but better than someone else. This is the nature of man, and the name of the game in both baseball and business./em/strong strongLeadership Lessons of Baseball/strong strongBe a positive role model/strong by always displaying good sportsmanship to coaches, officials, opponents, your child’s teammates and their parents. strongIt is important to...

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Leadership – In Touch Leaders

Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Leadership

strongemIn both baseball and life, every day is a new opportunity. You can both build and expand on the successes enjoyed yesterday, or put the past failures behind, learn from them, and simply start over again. That’s the way life is, and with a brand new game every day, that’s the way of baseball… baseball imitating life, imitating baseball./em/strong strongLeadership Lessons of Baseball/strong strongAttend games whenever you can /strongbecause your...

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