The Zen of Success – Associate with Success-Minded People

Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

I think most people will agree that emotion and energy are contagious, especially as positive energy flows, so goes the emotional energy which is very contagious.

Now keeping with that thought, it just makes perfect sense to ,surround yourself with people who not only strongly support you, but truly aspire to the achievement of the same things you too, want to successfully reach. This is one very good reason why forums and groups of like-minded people are naturally powerful, even if the members come from different businesses and backgrounds. The shared commonality is that they all aspire to SUCCESS and being in that sphere of influence is a super supportive environment and the best atmosphere for helping YOU foster and build your own internal SUCCESS.

Okay, so what this means is you need to exert some control or get rid of people in your immediate environment that you know are always bent on getting you down for whatever reason. It could be a member of your family that is constantly nagging and picking on you, a friend that likes to belittle you when you talk about the success goals you have or makes fun of the work you do, as you definitely need to exert control over those kinds of situations. Especially, if there is someone whose behavior always negatively affects you whenever they are around or near you. A decision has to be made by you to either handle the situation or just part ways, and in most cases you can handle it by simple conversation and getting them to agree to stop their constant negative behavior. Understand that by simply confronting them, most of the time they will cease, but if it continues, then you just might need to decide to part ways.

It is critical for you to remember that you always have the right to control your own environment, as you have the right to control what your mind is exposed to and going in and out of your own head. Don’t be afraid to ever exercise that right if you need too, after all it’s for your own good and ultimately critical to your achievement of SUCCESS.