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strongemIn baseball and business, you always strive for consistency, not to worrying excessively about the numbers. Dwelling only on statistics makes one shortsighted. The principle is that if you aim for consistency of excellence and precision, the numbers and success will be there at the end./em/strong

strongLeadership Lessons of Baseball/strong

strongYou should always allow your child to set their own goals /strongand play the game for himself/herself, and for the rich life experience the game can deliver. As an extremely vital element of your child’s life, you should be your child’s “safe haven,” by providing him or her “complete and unconditional” support and validation, regardless of how well he or she performs in any game.

As an entrepreneur and business leader, you should establish guiding principles that influence critical decisions you make in both your business and personal life. How you treat your team members and others you interact with will directly reflect the principles you formally or informally establish.

You probably already have some principles that you will continue to build on and improve with time. And, when you begin to understand and recognize the principles you already have, you will begin to observe traits and principles of other leaders, adding the ones you consider most valuable. Your foundation of main beliefs and ethics will speak to what you value, look for and reward. It will help form and align your team.

emTo help enlighten and increase understanding, let’s look at some of the foundational guiding principles I continue to build on./em

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”Integrity, trust and degree of character/span always matter most.

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”Demonstrate value and consequence, rewarding stewardship in action/span. “Me first” behavior is anathema never to be tolerated.

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”Maintain a high-level reputation of easiness to do business with at all times/span, and own any issues until successful resolution is achieved.

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”Every team member is a “Champion,”/span informed and committed.

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”Processes, decisions, and activities should be as close/span to team members and clientele as possible.

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”Keep EVERYTHING as simple as possible/span, and simplification is dynamic and never stops.

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”Maintain a strong penchant-for-action and processes that drive results. /span You empower yourself, so do something and improve, do something and improve… succeed.

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”Insist on a business environment of no surprises/span. Every team member knows exactly where they stand at all times.

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”Be straightforward, plain-spoken and honest… always/span.

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”Execute the plan and processes perfectly… always/span.

span style=”text-decoration: underline;”Always lead the rest… the precise and correct way/span.

You want tospan style=”text-decoration: underline;” build a value system and a guide for engagement and execution/span that is foundational, empowering, aspiring to greatness, and operational.

Think of your Guiding Principles as the guardrails for your team to operate within. Once they fully understand them, they should be able to operate with independence on the majority of situations they encounter, and you prepare them for. For occasions when they aren’t sure on the course of action to take, then consult your guiding principles. The answer is there, and you can trust them to make the right decision, if they use the tried and tested foundational principles.

strongemEffective leaders take a key step towards excellence by allowing their employees to set goals. Of course, those goals certainly need to align with the goals of the organization. But your businesses team members are much more process-oriented and committed to the achievement of goals and objectives they have a role in establishing. /em/strong


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