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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Leadership

strongemIn both baseball and life, every day is a new opportunity. You can both build and expand on the successes enjoyed yesterday, or put the past failures behind, learn from them, and simply start over again. That’s the way life is, and with a brand new game every day, that’s the way of baseball… baseball imitating life, imitating baseball./em/strong

strongLeadership Lessons of Baseball/strong

strongAttend games whenever you can /strongbecause your attendance is always critical to everything your child does, but if you can’t attend, then you should specifically ask your child about their experience, not whether the game was won or lost, or even what the score was. Don’t worry, as they will let you know, after you inquire more importantly to the experience.

strongTo Keep in Touch with Team Members, Leaders must Remember /strong

strongLeaders must be close enough to touch them, /strongand this doesn’t mean nearby or nearness, this means they must be close expressively and emotionally. A great way to achieve and maintain this “touch,” is when you communicate with someone whether or not you began the communication “thread,” be sure and save a note about what was said, how their life was going, and any other important facts you want to be able to recall. This way you can call to mind or evoke the information the next time you meet with them.

strongLeaders must touch their hearts and minds, /strongasstrong /strongit would be an enormous blunder if a leader’s main or only focus is simply on a team member’s production or work issues. When a leader can successfully connect with a member’s heart, and then mind, that member will be essentially fundamentally motivated to be more productive through greater effort for the organization, purely because the organization values them.

strongLeaders must encourage them to touch the hearts and minds of other team members, /strongsince there’s not enough time in the day for leaders, nor do they have the energy required to invest in all of the team members. Those who are being invested should always be encouraged to take that investment and energy and pass it on or project it onto other team members. This allows a leader’s investment to be both spread exponentially, and experience synergistic results.

strongemGreat leaders make it a point to completely understand what’s going on throughout the workplace. They walk around and attend meetings, listening all the while, and are in touch with all their team members to deeply understand how EVERYTHING is going. /em/strong


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