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Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in Brilliant Business Ideas

Always Check Your Passion’s Enthusiasm

Many, many entrepreneurs start businesses that they unconditionally believe in.  Realizing that starting their specific business isn’t surefire way to make a lot of money, they recognize and understand that their goal is not to do it just for the money.

To their core they believe in both themselves and each of the people on their team. They share passions for doing what they do. You can carry out your market research that you would find in any Business 101 course, but ultimately at the finish line you need to check your passion and enthusiasm.

Always make sure to regularly ask the critical question, “Do I believe in this? Do I have passion for what I’m doing? Does my team share the same passion?”

You have to find YOUR niche, but more importantly YOU have to believe in the business and endeavors, and in reality determine if you have the passion to actually see it through. YOU have to get up every morning to operate the business. If true passion doesn’t exist, when hard times hit the weak will always fold without question.

You must understand clearly that when you choose to open a business or franchise simply on the predicate that someone you know is doing well at it, you increase the likelihood that you will meet with failure. It’s the same as if you enter a line of business because your brother-in-law made a lot of money in the same business last year, then your odds of living an unsatisfied life is greatly increased. And when you select a college major based solely on satisfying your parents, you increase the risk of becoming bored instead of ENERGIZED by your classes.

You need to understand too that starting a business is loaded with both hurdles and setbacks (sounds like life). But if you’re following the inner voice of your passion, the very thoughts that won’t leave you alone, any failure you experience is never final.

I know many entrepreneurs who eventually have the great satisfaction of seeing their ideas become successful realities, but only after facing and overcoming many hurdles and setbacks. The energy of their inner-passions would not let them quit, but rather kept them going and strong in the belief they would reach and accomplish the dreams of their passions.

Remember to pay close attention to what you really love doing. Don’t ever let your passions die. Embrace them, revel in them, and wisely use the strongest passions to stand apart from the crowd of entrepreneurs and their businesses in the local, national, and global markets. Always follow your heart and not the crowd.


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