Did You Know Blogging Is More Than An SEO Tool

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing

Did You Know Blogging Is More Than An SEO Tool

Laptop Series (1)Every business with an online presence works diligently to be top-ranked on search engines, Google in particular. One way that Google references and ranks sites is through content updates and keywords. Blogging is a way that businesses create content that is both optimized for search engines and regular updates to their site. Blogs serve other great purposes as well. If your business is using blogging, or considering it on your site, it’s important to know how blogging is more than an SEO tool.

Search optimization is a means of improving site rankings, but what leads to people finding your site is at the heart of the matter. Blogs are articles that focus on key subject-matter, highlighting insights, tips, news, and other information pertinent to the realm or particular subject matter of your site. The reason people search on Google (or Bing, Yahoo, and other sites) is to find answers, research, and fulfill a particular interest. For small businesses, these searchers (or site viewers) are your potential customers. They could also be your existing customers. Blogging creates a new doorway for you to reach your customers in different ways. This goes above and beyond helping you rank higher on search engines.

See for yourself the other benefits that come from blogging aside from search engine optimization (though SEO is certainly a by-product of the endeavor):

Cultivate Relationships With Customers

iStock_000022785572XSmallBlog articles provide solutions, insights, news, and other information that your customer base is actively searching for. When your articles are discovered, readers have the opportunity to transition into customers and clients of your business. Blogs create opportunities to market your business and its solutions to customers via search engines and social media. Utilizing social media channels to post links to your blog further the connection with your existing client base (as well as further the SEO pathways similar to site updates). Clients and customers can leave comments on the blog itself (leading to on-page conversations) as well as on the social media platforms. These conversational outlets cultivate relationships and build new bridges of connection to your business.

Promote Your Brand Through Connection

Blogging tells customers about more than your products and services, it shines a light to them from your perspective. This method of communication colors inside and outside the lines of traditional branding because people have the potential to discover more about the passion you put into your business. Traditional branding uses taglines and market-talk. Blogging achieves more because it relates to customers in their language, addressing the aspects of your products and services that directly relate them to you.

Sharing Opens More Doors and Opportunities

When you post stories and insights into your company via your blog, the sandbox principle comes to life. You remember being a child in the sandbox with your toys and other kids (presumably your friends or just other kids at daycare) would join you and want access to your toys. When you shared them, the sandbox was a more creative place to play. Maybe the kid that borrowed the big scoop of yours happen to have a toy (or construction idea) that you wanted and they reciprocated the sharing. Now the sandbox was even cooler and you didn’t want to leave. Blogging creates a very similar dynamic with sharing opportunities that build new connections with people who want what you have to offer and vice-versa.


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