Increase Your Website Page Rank Using Off-Page SEO

Posted by on Feb 21, 2014 in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing

Do you want to have your website get more traffic from search engines? YES
Do you want to get on the first page on certain keyword searches on Google, Bing, and other web searches? YES
Are you ready to learn a few tricks that can help make your web presence more effective? YES

SEO ChalkboardWe are talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically we are manipulating search engines to give us higher profile in the search results. For Google this is called Page Rank. SEO is a very large subject, but we can break it down into 2 main components.

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is anything you can do to enhance the content on your website to get improved ranking on search engines. This includes copy (words we use) and meta data (words that describe pictures and other data) to showcase keywords and phrases that you want search engines to index your site with.

Off-Page SEO is anything you can do to add content and copy to other websites. Doing so provides exposure of your brand or website name (URL). This helps you with Page Rank and signifies to search engines the popularity and relevancy of your website. Link-Building is the most common element of Off-Page SEO and will be our main focus of this article.

In November of 2013, I spoke at the Abilene Chamber of Commerce Social Networking Workshop, about utilizing online business groups and forums to help build out Off-Page SEO. The videos go into much more detail than I do in this article.
You can view that talk here:  Business Groups amp; Forums I apologize for the poor video quality.

What is Page Rank?

pagerankPage Rank is the algorithm that Google uses to determine the importance and relevancy of a search. It basically says that if all websites are equal then the website that has the most mentions on other websites is the most popular. So if you are searching for doughnuts and there is a website for a doughnut company that is mentioned all over the internet, it will be at the top of the search. This is based on all websites being equal and having equal exposure and traffic. However, all websites are not equal. If you have the most mentions on smaller or  unpopular websites then this doesn’t necessarily mean you win. One very popular website will normally do better than lots of smaller unpopular websites. This means that if you have your website mentioned on a popular website like CNN then you will get higher placement than a website that is mentioned on a hundred different unpopular sites.

So how can I increase my Page Rank?

Its all about content and link building. You need to get your name out there. Fill out business listing sites like.

  • Google Places
  • Angie’s List
  • Bing Local
  • Yelp
  • Map Quest

Make sure you have accounts on all the social networks. Create the account and start conversations, start building relationships. Join groups on these networks and get into conversations. Leave comments. Figure out how to mention your site in casual relevant commentary. DONT BE A SPAMMER.

Having good content and mentions of your site on Facebook and Twitter does matter. It helps with direct traffic and SEO. If you can’t take time to do this yourself. Have somebody do it for you. We at Dream Spectrum offer Social Media Marketing services and we are happy to help.

Marketing on social networks directly effects your SEO. Yes, that is right! Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular. Perhaps more popular than say Google. This means you should be linking from Facebook back to your site when possible. The ability to utilize these networks properly is paramount to your marketing effort. You can’t afford not to be taking advantage of getting your brand in front of people, on these networks, and engaging in real conversation while building real relationships.

Join relevant forums and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) sites. Its great if you can be part of an online community where you can share your knowledge and expertise. There are numerous ways for you to be able to squeeze in mentions of your website once you have established yourself as an expert. You can make mention of your site as a relevant and useful source of information. Link to other sources of information and establish yourself as a direct source for answers.

Some of my favorite sources for Link-Building:

  • Wikipedia
  • Amazon (product reviews)
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter
  • Local News Sites
  • Hobbie Forums

It isn’t too difficult to figure out how to start link building. Back in the day we used to have link circles and pages dedicated to just listing out affiliate and friends websites. It isn’t quite that simple anymore, but the concept is still the same. Be weary of websites that will build out your links quickly on 10,000 different websites at a time. Most search engines know all these tricks and you will be blacklisted and do more harm than good. Stay natural or organic and relative with your content. Take ownership of building your links correctly and you will be rewarded.

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I’d love to talk more with you about Off-Page SEO and Link-building. For me, this is fun!