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Posted by on Aug 29, 2013 in Brilliant Business Ideas

With an Eye on Trends, Personalize Trends & Personalize Them

Personalizing trends doesn’t mean to steal someone’s idea, but understand that it’s quite common to get inspiration from something and then proceed to make it your own. For example, converting warehouses into loft-style studio condominiums is a way of identifying a trend that inspires someone to action and capitalize on a hot trend. For an entrepreneur that develops a passion for a trend or has the passion already, the next logical step in the process is to further personalize it.

Watch the trends as they happen in other places and decide when and if it’s time for your location. You should observe closely what works in other locals and determine if you really can reproduce the trend in your town. You will find there are other towns and cities you can observe and the certainty is great the trend will perform the same or even better where you are, especially if you are the first adapter where you live and operate your business.

Personalization Takes Time

You can see that beyond 2011 will be a time of taking what we’ve learned about the evolution of trends in the market to the next level.  The stepping off point for all of us that study and further develop trends began by indeed recognizing that business in the markets has become much, much more about close collaboration WITH customers, as very much opposed to the traditional-old school model of selling to buyers.

So as social media continues to go mainstream, much more personalization will be anticipated and expected, so indeed my friend personalization is the next level where you should target your focus. Why, you might wonder? Because consumers know that technology gives you the capabilities to learn an amazing amount of information about them, so they will in turn expect you to have done your research and training.

Looking over the horizon the mantra for beyond 2011 will not just be a simple one of working harder, but working SMARTER.  You should have a crystal clear understanding that however you decide to be successful at working both hard and smart, the honest truth is customers always expect more.  Remember back to what to the innovation and work that got you here to this point and say goodbye, for the reason that what you’ve done won’t get you to the next level.  The game is changing and evolving.

Your personalization strategy has to start with acknowledgment of the fact that your customers and clients have just as much or more if you listen, to say about how you run your business’ as you do.  Put the social networks to great use and create a bonding connection with your customers by engaging with them and genuinely participating in those conversations.

Once you recognize the momentous evolutionary shift taking place in the markets, you have to really make that same shift in your marketing tactics and strategies to something you do WITH your customers.  Like it or not, the honest reality is… they are your new business partners.

Finally, personalization comes down to thoroughly understanding your business, how your industry is evolving, and of course, your customer… that’s personalization.


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