Let Go of Your Business Emotion

Posted by on Sep 12, 2013 in Brilliant Business Ideas

Let Go of the Emotion

Our business emotion is great for coming up with the business idea and then building it. But while we are gathering information from questions and assumptions about the idea, and then analyzing the data, understand the extreme importance of keeping emotion free of the analysis process.

Happy sisters under colorful umbrella in parkKeeping your business emotion free of the analysis is easier said than done, but by doing so allows you to reason and evaluate appropriately and accurately.

Most likely being like everyone else, you need to face the fact that you think with your emotions whether you like it or not. But don’t be concerned as its not only you, we all do it as part of our natural instincts.

This is where some training comes into play, and you are going to have to educate and train yourself to make decisions based off of logic. Even if your natural emotions are pulling you towards a different path, you need to stay the course and make the logical decision.

Woman drawing a business planIt is difficult for some to understand that emotions really don’t mix well with business, like oil and water, because they cause you to do whatever will satisfy your strongest emotional feelings as a substitute for whatever is the best for the business.

Not making the right business emotion decisions because of dominating emotional feelings can have a devastating effect and lasting impact. What happens more times than not, is that just as many people stay in a relationship that they are not happy with way too long, entrepreneurs and business owners keep employees they should lay off, simply by not being able to overcome their emotional and sometimes guilty feelings for having such thoughts.

To help you understand ask yourself, “Do I use my mind or my gut when it comes to making business decisions?” The honest answer lies somewhere in the fact that so many people experience similar situations and make the same emotion-based decisions, that the phrase, “My emotions got in the way,” has become as common as a well-worn path traveled by many struggling towards the same end.

IMG_0731Despite the business mistakes you might have made in the past, you shouldn’t regret the actions taken to correct them. We as entrepreneurs and business owners have to live with ourselves and ultimately bear the burden of our decision’s emotional cost. The balancing act we have to perform at the end of each day is to discover the “right path” that will balance our principles with business reality.

Finally, you have to really love what you do. I don’t think you really possess the entrepreneurial spirit without enormous passion, one of the most powerful of emotions, and most certainly without it the road to business success proves way too difficult for many who make the attempt. Yet, while some may still argue that the concept of “emotions in business” is an oxymoron, it’s obvious that there still needs to be a lot of heart at the helm of successful business enterprises. The truth is that as long as businesses are operated by people, there will be emotions in business.

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