The Zen of Success – Engage

Posted by on Feb 7, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

One by one, people are realizing that some things are truly best shared and they are part of the evolution taking place all around us that will continue to grow, reform and spread to engage many more of us, and the engagement is reshaping everything from how we go to market, to whom we partner with, and how we find new customers. The Successful recognize and seize the opportunity to embrace the engagement that is weaving its way into the fabric of the market and hopefully to discover how their current or new business can connect with, engage and inspire their customers in a world where access trumps ownership.

strongemIs it the end of how we relate to ownership, as we know it?/em/strong

There’s an evolution that’s happening causing people throughout the world to reconsider how we relate to the things in our lives as well as our social geography, and this evolutionary realignment has been taking place and building for decades, but the velocity and reach has overwhelmingly grown in the past five years, as we’ve quietly, yet dramatically changed our thinking about our lifestyles and the quality of life is moving distinctly away from what we own as the basis on which we measure the level of quality, success and happiness.

strongemSome things are always best shared?/em/strong

The Successful understand that an engaged-market means new levels of collaboration where every voice is heard and most welcome, promotes learning and more importantly sharing, suggests a balance of opinion and thought, proposes great connected communities that share a passion, is consistent with our mashup capabilities that combines technology, data, functions or ideas to bring everything together, brings a critical element of transparency, suggests a network that exists at the intersection of learning, sharing, collaboration, and problem solving, and with countless intersections in the market fabric it presents a shared approached to problem solving, and finally, encourages action for the greater good and shared success.