Make a Successful Idea Even Better

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 in Brilliant Business Ideas

Squeeze More out of an Already Successful Idea

Human Women Celebrate Throwing PapersOkay, so I think most of you reading this will find it easy to understand that sometimes when a business idea you’ve developed, started, and grown to where it really seems to be working quite well, it’s also an especially good idea to get more out of the idea and milk it for everything its worth. Does the name Steve Jobs ring a bell? I’m sure there’s an iPhone app to do just that, ring a bell, any kind of bell you desire to ring. Apple has been able to continue squeezing the iPhone concept by adding a little more cool functionality with each new release, in a highly-planned schedule of squeezing… and squeezing.

The formula has worked so well with the iPhone series, look for Steve Jobs and Apple to repeat it with the iPad. Sorry, I forgot the tried and true process has already started again with the latest release of the iPad2.

Make a Successful Idea Even Better

You have to be sure and keep this tried and true formula simple by taking a great product or service you’ve created that already successfully exists in the market, and continue squeezing more out of the proverbial golden goose. I’m talking about taking one thing you’ve done extremely well, and continue building your brand, adding to its value, and successfully accomplish extending its market life, and perhaps successfully spinning it into several more great things and successful brand extensions.

Image Build Your Business XSFinally, innovation is most definitely the key component to developing and executing ideas so that they have great economic or social value. Frequently, many businesses tend to lean towards the overemphasis of generating ideas for the sake of generating ideas instead of creating an environment conducive to increased innovative activity.

When they make this mistake, they end up with a lot of stockpiled ideas, and at the same time lose focus on the existing great and successful ideas they have at hand that are actually performing and produce well in the market. And the amount that they have successfully executed to market hasn’t gone up because they have mistaken invention for innovation, and failed to make successful ideas even better.


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