The Zen of Success – Thanks

Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

One direct result of the Social Media Revolution’s facilitation of direct engagement with consumers has been the emerging recognition of the importance of “customer experience,” as the major component of customer service that directly impacts continued business existence in today’s market, and beyond.

As it continues to become more evident that in order to be successful in the market of today and the distant future, the emergent importance and increased value of the “consumer experience economy” has been established as the norm, and brands that fail to recognize and quickly adjust will find themselves on the outside looking in, and on the path to failure as a business.

Let’s face it, until recently no one ever expected the CEO of Pepsi to knock on their door or call on their birthday, or carry on conversations with followers on Twitter like the CEO’s of many large companies are doing on a regular basis. It wasn’t feasible or cost effective until recently, as the cost of real-time interaction has plummeted, with the introduction of free tools that make it possible to text “Thank you” (thnx) on the run between meetings from a cell phone, or hangout on a video streaming platform (Ustream) answering questions on consumer issues, or send an @reply on Twitter, and all for next to nothing in cost.

In this world of virtual markets, content creation and marketing has become imperative, essential, must do, an integral part of the initial consumer engagement, and when you are transparent and engaging right from the very beginning, you have the “consumer experience economy.” You can give away information for free including online videos, keynotes and content similar to books you might have written, if not excerpts and chapters from the very books themselves, and understand that monetizing the scenario is not as difficult as most might think, since people in return have a way of purchasing additional books to the one they might have traditionally bought, sometimes a half dozen more, as the consumers see more value in you and what you have to offer, as a result of the awesome content you freely provide.

Every CEO and Entrepreneur in business must recognize that customer service and experience is now the primary focus of their business, and what was previously unreasonable and cost prohibitive, is now essential to the very life and success of the business, and the very empowerment of the individual consumer affects every current and future brand in the world.