The Value Of Social Media Marketing for Abilene Business

Posted by on Oct 17, 2013 in Social Media

The Holidays are COMING

Small investment, BIG RETURN


Increase your sales using online marketing and social media.

Many Abilene Texas business owners are constantly trying to figure out how to market their product/service during the holiday season to reach the most people for an increase in sales. Some think that traditional marketing (TV amp; Newspaper) is the way to go, while others are utilizing social media, like Facebook or Twitter.

Which one is the best?

Where does social media marketing in Abilene fit into this equation?

How powerful is it?

Unless your target client is a robot with no emotion, opinion, passion, and/or relationship with humans, you need social media. Our customers are on social media communicating, looking at media, and expect us to be as well. It is an inexpensive alternative to reach the masses and do so much more.


Why is Social Media so powerful for an Abilene Businesses?

Social media lets us interact with our customers in real time, build real relationships, and stay connected. Your customers want to read your messages and see quality content. Social Media, when done correctly, echoes the message from friends, then to their friends, and then to their friends, and so on.

social-media-screeningThe reason social networks, like Facebook, are so powerful is that they use word of mouth psychology. When a friend tells us about something then we are more likely to respond. This is called Person-to-Person (Peer-to-Peer) marketing. When I send out a post on Facebook, that message is then rippled through my contacts, then that person’s contacts. They all trust the content because their friends have said “I like it and trust it”. In business this means our messages carry weight and are more meaningful. Businesses can build trust quickly using this method and is proven by these social networks. We can interact with our customers and learn what they really want. We are able to capture the voice of the market. More importantly, make real connections with people.


What about the “Return On Investment” with Social Media?

Businesses that trust only in their good name or reputation rarely stay in business long. It’s a necessity to connect with new clients. Advertising on traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers) is one method of reaching the masses. Yet it is a very costly avenue to take, and the ROI is not easy to measure. A standard newspaper ad can cost between $400-$600 to run one time, in an unknown portion of the paper. Do you ask everyone that comes in the door of your business if they saw the ad? If one of them says yes, does that justify the cost? We CAN do this with Social Media by tracking the clicks and conversion rates.

iStock_000017938929SmallSocial Media Marketing offers verifiable metrics on the demographics of people it reached and what their response was. And the cost? For the price of one tiny newspaper ad on one edition of the newspaper, you can have a month’s worth of social media messaging on your page. This messaging can drive qualified customers to your page. That’s a much higher ROI than traditional marketing.

“But the newspaper carriage reaches 30,000 people and my Facebook business page only has 150 page likes. Isn’t it safer to advertise to several thousand people than just post something only 150 people see?” Good question. Out of that 30,000 people, how many of those read the entire paper? And if they see your ad and like it, how do they respond directly to it other than remembering to either go to your store front or your website to purchase something? We can do this with our customers in Abilene Texas using social media.

What does it all mean?

youDecBusinesses share 3 things in common with social media from a value standpoint: it’s all about relationships, qualifying customers, and person-to-person word of mouth. All marketing requires time to develop connections with people, and they both require investments of time, energy and money. Just because you have a social media business page doesn’t mean you are going to make money from it. Social media marketing is conversation and content marketing.
If it is more work for you or your staff to handle, or if you need some help getting started, let us know. We’re here to help. We know how to get your social media working the right way. Let Dream Spectrum in Abilene Texas help you with you Social Media Marketing.


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