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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Entrepreneurship

strongemWhy do any of us really want to win? Because none of us ever want to lose!/em/strong

strongAttributes of Successful Entrepreneurs – Personal Branding/strong

You’ve probably heard over and over, that most small businesses fail after the first or second year. Unknowingly, entrepreneurs can be taken down with their failed company unless they’ve built their own brand at the same time they operated their business.

A personal brand can always be leveraged by an entrepreneur to regain momentum, capture attention and even start a new business faster than their previous one. They find ways to use their personality, showmanship and intelligence to their advantage. As an entrepreneur, you too need to build YOUR brand if you want a long-term career owning your own business.

strongBrand yourself to attract attention /strongbecause the media is always interested in hearing stories from entrepreneurs, especially ones in different stages of business creation and development. Understand that as an entrepreneur you can be a “media source” for a number of outlets across a variety of different media. If you want to achieve this, become an expert in something that directly relates to your business.

For instance, if you start a business for the baby boomer market niche, you can become known as a “generational expert,” or if you own a few McDonald’s or other franchises, you can be viewed as a “franchise expert.” The bottom line is that you can become a leading expert in virtually any industry, with practically any type of business, and the good news is that it will only work in your favor if you decide to do so.

One great benefit of the “expert tag,” is that any time you do an interview with the media you can take advantage of the opportunity to mention your business along with your personal brand. Therefore, at any time you receive press coverage, your company will too. And, the fact is that more you do this, not only the more recognized and well-known you will become, which directly transfers to your business, which in-turn becomes more and more successful.

strongBrand yourself by creating a website, /strongsince if you haven’t built a website for yourself, then your brand is at the mercy of other people. Understand that if you receive negative press, it might appear first for your name in a Google search engine results page (SERP). It’s absolutely essential that you create a website under your full name (a href=”http://www.dreamkickstarter.com” rel=”nofollow”www.dreamkickstarter.com/a). So that you both control, and know exactly what people will find when they search for you, and you can speak to it with pride. You would be surprised how many people will search for your name as a way to learn more about your business and what you do. So, give people numerous ways to find and learn about you and your business.

Your website should both promote and link back to your business website. In addition, your website should contain links to your social network profiles, a professional headshot photograph, press links, and articles you’ve written, along with a bio that describe and illustrates your expertise in your field. This provides valuable information to any event planner that’s interested in having you speak, or if someone is looking to interview you for a story, they have all the informational assets they need.

strongBrand yourself by associating with larger brands, /strongas the best way to get famous is for you to be aligned to either famous or better known brands. For your business, this means partnering with bigger companies and deliver “higher value” to the spending consumer. This means alignment with famous people in your industry, creating events with successful keynote speakers, and last but not least, put focused effort into networking. Always look for ways to create important two way relationships with successful people, and be sure to always give first. Associate with big brands, and both you and your business will start to gain more attention, which will drive revenues and greater brand awareness in your targeted market niche.

strongemFirst you must find something you want to hold on to, something that easily motivates you, something that is inspirational to you, and then… succeed!/em/strong


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