Harness and Control the Emotion

Posted by on Aug 17, 2013 in Brilliant Business Ideas

Learn to Harness and Control the Emotion

Okay, so what if you can learn to control your emotions and then utilize them as tools so that rather than obstacles in your business’ path, they actually pave the path for you? Something I always heard in the corporate world was, “Never let them see your emotions,” in addition to “Emotions and business don’t mix.” Now, I immediately agree that its better not to let anyone see your strong emotions at times, but the question still remains, What if there are actual advantages to controlling and utilizing your emotions in business?

Entrepreneurs are driven to forge ahead when so many others naturally turn tail and run in the face of such emotional fears and extreme discomfort. Once again, I strongly believe the underlying characteristic of an entrepreneur is passion or as some refer to it, “fire in the belly.”

Some of the strongest advice I give friends and clients is “Do not start a business unless you have a passion for the product or service otherwise your life is going to be hell.” I am often asked “Why such emphatic and certain advice?” It’s simply because the combination of hours and financial demands are so incredible that unless you really possess a deep-seated and powerful passion for what you’re doing, you will most certainly have a miserable life.”

Understand that success in business is not only about money. It’s sometimes just as much about enrichment of your life, and the life of everyone that depends on you. It’s about the sense of self fulfillment you experience when you’re absolutely following your dream. It’s also about directly facing the negatives head-on in business along with the positives because you’re doing what you want in your life.

Now while some businessmen and women can seemingly turn negative emotions into positive ones so fast that they barely seem to miss a beat, the truth is that most of us are quite aware of the discomfort and feelings of anxiety, aggravation and frustration, and impatience as well as many others. This is truly part of loving what you do and being attached to your work.

Once again, you have to absolutely love what you do. I don’t believe that you can really an entrepreneur and not possess strong emotions. We are all given several emotions for a reason, and the honest fact remains that for as long as there has been businesses operated by people, and businesses continue to be operated by people, there will always be emotions in business.

So don’t be afraid to harness, control and utilize emotion to create even greater business success.


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