The Zen of Success – Draw Success from Like-Minded People

Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

There is a success theme that runs through the economies you might have noticed or determined for yourself by now that is quite common in all global markets. By associating with like-minded entrepreneurs and people we draw success from them in the form of validation for what we are about and the success we strive for each day, and more importantly by doing so we are able to validate the success in ourselves, although it might be a small success of reaching a goal, but it is our success.

For example, when you go to a conference you go to network with people, and not just anyone, the people that have the same ambitions you do, and the same goals for success that you do, these are the like minded people and entrepreneurs you are driven to know as part of your quest for success and happiness. Like-minded people are wonderful to know, as they have varying levels of success you have in common, along with the entrepreneurial drive that points in the very same direction.

The good news is that it is contagious, and it will further you along at a much greater pace than if you go it alone and are forced to learn many lessons for yourself that you might have avoided by being networked.

I believe firmly it is critical to understand the idea that success has to be built on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience, and if I can impart my views and experience into the foundation essentials that need to be shared to help you reach success in your entrepreneurial business endeavors. The global economies and communities will be far better places with much more shared success for everyone, and in the long run eventually everything will come back to me in the form of success and happiness.