The Zen of Success – Success and Happiness

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013 in The Zen Of Success


Questions that seem to be a part of our human DNA and exist within each of us throughout our life’s journey are “what is success?” and “how can we achieve success, and happiness?” but, there are also many other questions when dealing with something that should be so simple, yet turns out to be as complex as we choose to make it.

Does success leave you feeling satisfied and sincerely happy, or does it just leave you hungry and striving for more? Some people have difficulty enjoying success because whatever they achieve is not enough for them to be satisfied, and they have a feeling of emptiness or the success is not what they expected and their journey’s quest for their allusive ultimate success never ends, because it’s like fulfilling one desire, only to have 2 more take its place.

You have to learn to understand, define and enjoy your successes as a ‘series of continuous achievements’, andsuccess then becomes the results of the embodiment of your life’s work towards reaching the many goals you establish, set, and reach, for if you cannot be at peace with and accept yourself, is it really success, and can you really achieve happiness?

You must also understand it is also in our human DNA that we as social beings need to work with others to achieve a greater level of success than you can reach as only one, so how can you assume to achieve the business and personal success you seek, if we bring to the forefront our pride and ego, and along with it a false feeling of self-sufficiency that makes us unwilling to consciously seek and accept the necessary help of others, and we cut ourselves off from the support, guidance and synergistic process efficiencies their presence can create in the business, while all too often we ultimately doom ourselves to failure at reaching elusive success on our own.

You need to feel that success is not just about yourself, but a team effort, especially in business that more often than not, needs and depends upon others and a complete team harmony to succeed, for example, even if one person succeeds in rowing solo across the Atlantic, they will feel some appreciation for their trainer and the mechanic who helped them prepare for the task.

You must reach the understanding that it is not even slightly possible to do everything on your own, and that when you feel oneness in your collective business efforts with others, you will gain more happiness from your shared series of business achievements and successes, yet if you try to keep all the success just for yourself, you then place unnecessary limits on your potential business growth and greater successes, and ultimately the level of happiness you achieve.

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