The Zen of Success – Compare YOU to who You WANT to Be

Posted by on Jun 4, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

It is part of our human nature that when you look at people for validation who have been able to accomplish more than you or just have more material assets than you, it’s easy to look at yourself and feel a little depressed, or even start to wonder what might be wrong with YOU and question why you haven’t been able to reach the same accomplishments.

Look closely at what happens when you start to have these kinds of thoughts, and the reality is you begin to make much less of yourself, and start down the path of invalidation. You should understand completely that YOU are your own best friend, and no one else will be closer to you, than YOU.

As you begin to question yourself as a result of negative comparison to others, you fall into the common trap of creating assumptions about components of success that you night not have, and they do. You must understand, then catch and remind yourself that you have everything you need to build your own success in life, right inside of you, and need nothing more. Then you must take positive action to stop holding yourself back, and start developing and using what you have.

Finally, always keep in mind that you as a spiritual being have immense power within yourself and you can get what you commit and stream your inner power to. Understand that you have within you the power to create new realities in life by simple validation of them. If you give any of your perceived incompetencies validation, you’ll let yourself fall victim to them. Just as validation of any shortcomings you might have, you’ll further them, but on the other hand, let yourself validate the success of others, you’ll in turn see more success for yourself, and as you learn to always recognize and validate the strengths you have, you’ll strengthen them.



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