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strongemYou have brains and feet, and can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own and know what you know. And, YOU are the one who’ll decide where you go and what you do./em/strong

strongAttributes of Successful Entrepreneurs – Master Workspace Designer/strong

strongDesign Workspace for Success/strong

“Innovation” and “creative thinking” are much more than buzzwords or simply team-building jargon. On the contrary, they represent the primary forces involved in growing a business and, as being such, denote the tangible difference between what can be brilliant success and a simple business failure.

So rather than permitting the office to become a series of obstructions to be dealt with, a highly-effective businessperson actively designs their space to work effectively for them, channeling people and their ideas into a focused positive, community-based environment.

strongNo Door and Privacy/strong

Over the years, office design has become a series of clichés like “corner office,” which may seem like attractive accommodations with peace and quiet, but they are not the stuff from which great ideas and innovations are created.

T begin with, increasing the interactions at every level of your business is literally “keeping the door open” whenever possible. In the same way, employees working in the “classic cubicle” sense should do without “doors” or any kind of “solid divider” that serves to remove them from the rest of the workplace. While dividers functionality is designed to decrease noise, they have also, from a strictly psychological perspective, remove employees from the larger and highly-important, business tasks at hand. To the functionality of noise and distraction reduction, workers who wish to avoid any disturbances should consider hanging signs to that achievement outside their workspaces.

strongMaking an Appearance/strong

Now understand that not all solutions require formal office planning to effect change in the locations where employees sit and work. But, sometimes the best cure is the simplest, and a change to the route they use to get there. So, as a general rule, no one should be able to enter the office, go to their desk or workspace, and then leave without seeing anyone. The real purpose of routing office foot traffic common areas such as break rooms or strategic gathering spaces serves to encourage everyone involved in the business to “mingle and share ideas,” thereby boosting workers’ validation, well-being and productivity.

strongWhat and Where You Need It/strong

Conversely to what we learned growing up, integration of work and play isn’t always bad to do. Some of the very best thinking and ideas for strategic business tactics, the latest products, and even the simplest solutions to office issues are produced and created in break rooms.

Okay, so it’s not necessary to always turn breaks into brainstorming sessions, but drawing out a new idea can be the simple difference between an idea remaining in its initial stage and moving it on to a much more serious phase of planning and implementation. A simple pen and a pad of paper in common an area serves to encourage employees to write down ideas and then follow through on them.

Finally, understand that your office is way more than an investment or simply the location of your business. It is, for all practical purposes, the most expensive element of your investment that you will ever make. So design it to help your business rather than hinder it. And if you do, you will get your money’s worth… and then some.

strongemBusiness success requires training, discipline and hard work. Design your environment to maximize efficiencies to achieve greatest success. /em/strong


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