The Zen of Intelligence – Verbal, Logical and Spatial

Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

h4strongYou’re Never Too Old to Develop Intelligence/strong/h4
How often do you hear sad stories about the human brain? Well, forget stories about the brain including that it’s at its peak when we’re in our twenties, and then sadly, it slowly begins to decline to the point that we are in old age with fragments instead of clear memories in the brain and we can’t even remember our own name, let alone anyone else’s. The good news is you can forget what’s not true.

The terrific news is that the brain is an organ that can continue to develop throughout life. Similar to developing muscles with physical workouts, your intelligence can be developed and strengthened through a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”brain exercises./a

a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”Intelligence /athat makes up our mind is represented by many facets. Developing personal growth includes fostering and training many of the various kinds of intelligence that is available to us including the following three types.
h4strongVerbal /strong/h4
Verbal intelligence entails reading, writing, speaking, and conversing with others. Exercises include learning a new language, playing word games, reading interesting books, listening to any type of recordings, using a computer to participate in conversation and discussions online. In case you didn’t know, the interesting fact about learning new languages is each one has unique expressions and concepts that aren’t a part of others. Learning a new language opens up a new way of visualizing the world.
It goes without saying logical involves developing your number and computing skills, the recognition of patterns, relationships, correctness and organization, and the ability to recognize and solve through logic, different kinds of problems. Understand that the brain can be exercised through classification and sequence activities, solving different kinds of puzzles (i.e. crossword, Sudoku, etc.), and playing both number and logic games.
Your sense of awareness includes developed visual perception of the surrounding environments, and the ability to both create, as well as manipulation of mental images. This type of intelligence can be developed through the use of drawings, paintings, sculpting, all used to ultimately sharpen observation skills and heighten awareness. Also, solving mazes and other spatial tasks, exercises in imagery and activating greater imagination with mind maps to develop and practice skills. These are just some of the ways of practicing Spatial Intelligence you can add to other exercises you may already know, are familiar with, and learn from others developing and maintaining their own levels intelligence.