The Myth of the Great Idea

Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 in Brilliant Business Ideas

The Best Ideas are the Ideas that are Flexible

Myth of Great IdeaIn case you haven’t noticed by now, we are in an evolutionary time of fast changing technology that mainstream markets have become accustomed to, and whether we like it or not we’re now enclosed in growing generations of super-hyper aggressively competitive markets and super-dynamic fast-moving technologies. So it becomes a pretty strong assumption we can make, that in order to be competitive and compete effectively, a mandatory property of Great Ideas is the critical-capacity to be flexible.

When starting with a new business idea the best method to use in today’s constantly shifting and evolving market, is that you start with the idea and you tweak, fine-tune and adjust it along the way.

What you need to understand is that a good idea is a combination, fusion and mixture of hundreds of ideas that can be thought of as developing and taking shape together into a critical business-idea “compound.”

The Great Idea is a Myth

The real truth is the Great Idea is a myth. You can take one essential-essence of truth and twist it 50 thousand distinctive ways. Another way to view it is that an idea is a great core-essence of passion, but the real simple truth is, it’s exactly what you are able do with it, and how you are able to mold it over time that really-really matters.

It is critical for you to clearly understand the myth of The Great Idea is a highly-dangerous one. It makes you chase a dream you will never catch by driving you obsessively to constantly search and search for something with a high-probability that you’ll never find. I have had clients, for example, that are still searching after several years later. Most of you know someone who is always tinkering or fidgeting and messing with something, and all the while muttering about the Great Idea they almost have or is close to discovering.

Human Man Planning Success Strategy XSA strong truth about “success” is that it almost never comes from an incredible miraculous mind-boggling idea, so spinning your wheels trying to find one can be a serious waste of invaluable time you can’t get back. Most Great Success simply comes from a basic idea that is executed incredibly well. The key word to store in your memory is execution, since Great Ideas are rarely found by thinking only. They’re found most often by doing over and over, until the execution is well… perfect.

Finally, believe it or not, most awesomely Great Ideas are found while trying to develop and perfect other ideas, which produced the ingenious by-product or service as a result. The last thought to take away here is that along with innovation, persistence is a key trait of great entrepreneurs in the development of their successfully great ideas, but not to the point the chase or pursuit of the idea turns into an obsession.

If you find yourself falling into the “idea obsession trap,” stop yourself, take a giant step back and move on to something completely different until you regain the entrepreneur’s perspective you need to maintain as you journey towards the “entrepreneurial nirvana” of the Great Idea.


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