Avoid Opportunity Greed

Posted by on Aug 20, 2013 in Brilliant Business Ideas

How to Avoid Opportunity Greed

The “great battle” that faces entrepreneurs each day is to filter through many potentially great ideas and then to decide which ones are worthy of pursuit.

I have seen businesses fail regularly from ‘opportunity greediness.’ Understand that when you as an entrepreneur decide to do even one too many ideas you overextend yourself and the whole thing collapses, sometimes slowly… sometimes quickly, but the whole thing collapses.

If you haven’t experienced this as an entrepreneur yet, what happens as an entrepreneur is that you gain a group of friends who are always quick to toss around their ideas and without fail strongly suggest that you get involved with them, but your best answer should more often than not be no. Never forget that you have to remain clearly focused with your own idea.

Whenever you are presented with additional opportunities or challenged with a decision that could have an enormous game-changing impact. You should always ask yourself if the projected results and conclusions are aligned with your core values, beliefs and way of thinking.  If the answer is “yes they are,” then you will have made certain that you are not straying from your true course, remaining clear and focused on the achievement of your established objectives and goals.  If they aren’t, you may most certainly be setting up conditions for conflict and ultimate failure.

I have found it can also help create greater understanding within yourself to honestly evaluate why you tend to react certain ways whenever an opportunity presents itself to you.  If you take the time to investigate and reach a clear understanding of your initial reaction, which is usually an emotionally-driven knee-jerk response, you then are completely able to allow yourself to pause, take a step back, and honestly evaluate the situation in an objective manner.

Finally, by doing these things, you will gain more clarity, and make more enlightened choices that will be in keeping with you intention of being the most successful entrepreneur at whatever you choose to do.


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