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Posted by on Dec 21, 2009 in Design, Development, New Projects, Open Source

We have started a new charity project to work on during the Xmas holidays. Early this week DSD was contacted by a client representing MTI. This project appealed to me personally in a couple of ways. I fell a strong urge to help those that help others and I have been unable, due to time constraints, to keep up with my normal volunteering activities. The MTI Global Organization is known for delivering medicines, medical supplies and aid to people in crisis around the world. They are a great Organization and I’m excited to be able to help someone out during this trying time.

The project is a basic redesign with the implementation of a word press blog with a custom template and social networking/SEO marketing push. I expect this project to take 10 – 14 days. The are about 8 static pages to build and the client has already provided a large amount of source material. A possible logo redesign may be needed along with a new UI.

strong*COMPLETE  01/14/2010/strong

div class=”iblogger-footer”This project took a bit longer to complete than originally planned. Mainly due to the 8 static pages became 22 static pages and we were required to post a lot of back blog posts that had to be pulled from past newsletters. The design was largely emaltered/em to the clients requests./div
div class=”iblogger-footer”
div class=”iblogger-footer”
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