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Posted by on Feb 5, 2010 in Development, Open Source, Tools We Use

pa href=”” mce_href=””img class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-81″ title=”texvar_logo” src=”×298.png” mce_src=”×298.png” alt=”” style=”float: left; padding:10px;” mce_style=”float: left;” width=”180″ height=”179″/aIn the early spring on 2006 DSD was approached to build a online community for those people interested in the sport of varmint hunting. The founders of the a href=”” mce_href=”” rel=”nofollow”Texas Varmint Hunting Association/a wanted to have an online community where users could find and share information about predator control and varmint hunting. There were already websites out there that provided a platform for sharing tips and tricks on the subject but, none were focused on the fast growing sport and the competitions that had been popping up all over Texas. We built around the idea for becoming a central hub for these competitions./p
pThe contests are set up much like a bass fishing tournament. Most give a 24 hour period in order to call in various predators scoring various points per specie. Although some what controversial this sport does fill a need and aide farmers and ranchers with problems with local predators that kill livestock or damage an agricultural business./p
pWhat DSD developed in 2006 for the TVHA was a logo and a simple static website front end with a phpBB forum system with custom template in place to serve as the central hub for this community. I really enjoy using phpBB. The set up is easy and the ability to modify and edit this OpenSource software is equally as simple. You can write what ever scripts are needed and edit any of the source code as well as browse through hundreds of mods and plugins that others have created./p
pMy only issue with phpBB is out of the box it is quickly compromised and you will be facing a ton of fake registered account with SPAM advertising numerous of distasteful things throughout your forum. In order to combat this installing a SPAM mod is an absolute must. This program also works well with Google Adsense and it has servered the Association well with in the last few years./p
pAlong with phpBB this website has used an OScommerce installation in order to handle the sale of its promotional items such as hats and stickers. In the next year to come the e-commerce part of TVHA will be expanding to allow the sale of item commonly purchased by Varmint Hunters as well as additional promo items. This has been a fairly successful project for DSD and membership and loyalty is ever growing. We look forward to helping the TVHA in the many years to come. As this sport grows the TVHA will be one of the pioneers for developing a online community for those who enjoy this sport./p


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