Understanding Algorithms For Web Development

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Understanding Algorithms For Web Development

Let’s take a look at Algorithms For Web Development. It isn’t straight forward for all of us what it takes to use algorithms for web development.  In grade school, students generally fall into one of two categories:

  1. Those good at math and sciences
  2. Those good at history and English.

algorithms for web development Desicion MakingThere are exceptions to this (students who are skilled in both areas and those who find their skills in neither), but overall the skillset of science/math students made the subjects that involved complex equations not seem too difficult. For the rest of us, it was rocket science. Fast-forward to present day, with Google and other web platforms (Facebook in particular) announcing changes to its algorithms in search ranking. If you weren’t good at math in school, what is the key to understanding algorithms for web development?

It turns out the algorithms for web development are not as difficult to the non math-brained individuals as say, Calculus is. Web guru Kevin Slavin gave a TED talk presentation, explaining that algorithms in the tech world are “basically, the math that computers use to decide stuff.” (see his TED Talk at http://www.ted.com/talks/kevin_slavin_how_algorithms_shape_our_world)

This “stuff” includes search and site rankings and results, but includes other aspects of the Internet as well including sorting data. Data and records are what the Internet stores (in a very high volume, mind you). The companies who present the data are sorted based on particular equations defined by the algorithms.

Further Understanding of algorithms for web development

If Google has a different algorithm than other search engines or data centers for quantifying and qualifying how it sorts data that is searched, what difference does that make to individuals or businesses?

algorithms for web development White BoardUnderstanding algorithms for web development for Google is beneficial in a variety of ways. Google has established itself as the world’s leading search engine, to the extent that the company name has become a verb in common lingo to mean “search.” It is interesting to note that Google has been changing and modifying how it sorts data since 2000. In late 2013/early 2014, the search giant announced its latest alteration for how the algorithm works. The importance for the individual and the business owner (or anyone else with a web presence) is that knowing how the algorithm works can help you rise to the top of the class in search results. In other words, understanding the algorithm (web mathematics) can greatly increase your ability to get Page 1 results for your website without shelling out tons of money in web ads.


But doesn’t Google sell ads on its search engine to boost ratings as well as make money for the company?

Business algorithms for web developmentYes it does. However, ads are not the only way to achieve high search rankings on Google. Facebook is now a measure for ranking on Google and other search engines. Similar to high quality backlinking, when a site or web page is cross-referenced on Facebook (particularly when the reference involves keywords), Google places that reference into a stronger ranking. With the millions and millions of Facebook users, having a site cross-referenced throughout that platform plays into the Google algorithm to make it rank higher in search results on Google.

If you are looking to further understand algorithms for web development please feel free to contact us.


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