The Zen of Success – Knowledge and Information

Posted by on Mar 19, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

News and information shapes the way we see the world, many times it is distorted, bloated, and not representative of what is happening, and too often, commercial news is myopic and inwardly focused which leads to a severe lack of global news including a growing shortage of “enterprise journalism” – journalistic depth built over time through original sources – that provides the context and enables thoughtful response.

Way too often, the news sticks to crime, disasters, infotainment and sports, and politics, politics, politics. Many much more important topics such as education, race and ethnicity, science, environment, and women and children’s issues are often a much smaller percentage of all news combined.

You must understand that much of widely-seen online news and information isn’t any better, and often just the same re-cycled stories, as a result, much of our information is not content that builds insight about our world, as some have labeled “knowledge media.” It’s understandably difficult to understand the world, if you haven’t heard much about it, and readers the world over want to know more. You should also understand that the information that you yourself gather and knowledge you gain is part of a voyage of self-discovery, and what is most important for you is to learn and know how to find and determine the facts for yourself.

As it has always been, storytelling is very powerful. It helps us understand, make choices and can inspire us. It is becoming more evident each day that journalism as we know it is in trouble and the old models simply don’t serve us anymore with the “content” we have come to need.

Finally, now is our entrepreneurial opportunity to make it better, and by investing aggressively in the future of “knowledge media” in both journalistic reporting and in even more powerful storytelling, we can ensure that readers the world over get the fullest global perspective.