The Zen of Success – Courage

Posted by on Feb 12, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

The Successful have found their courage, a trait that you don’t realize you have it until it exhibits itself when it is needed, which can start at early age when you start school, get your first haircuts, vaccination, and other significant events that require a little guts to get through the experience.

You have to summon courage to overcome the inner voice that insists you can’t possibly achieve your goals and attain your dreams, to win the internal argument battling within until you finally decide with the help of your courage to take action. Remember that disbelief will always be the enemy that you yourself create, and you your hunger for success must be great enough to battle and overcome, and courage will help you build your internal hunger, build it and fire you up, locate your backbone and help you take that first difficult step and continue.

You must completely understand that with your courage you can start that business, lose that weight, quit smoking, write that book, be a better parent, complete the education, earn your own self-respect, and be everything you want to be, and most important, that thing the world needs you to be. You must also understand it requires your courage and faith, both of which you have control over and which you can muster, but it requires effort that can only come from within you, that only you can find and set in motion.

Understand that most of us settle for what we have, rather than pursue what we want, we accept, and our lives become huge celebrations of the status quo and passivity, and we knowingly undervalue our work and create our perception of nothing we can do about it, becoming slaves to our paychecks and dial down our efforts and phone in our daily routines continuing to compulsively consume things in an attempt to numb and hide our hope of the pursuit of success and happiness.

The corners of our lives that we paint ourselves into is no way to live, and if you wonder where’s the adventure, the passion, the hunger for change, just remember the relentless optimism of your youth you once had, the goals you planned and wished to someday achieve, before you settled in to the life you convinced yourself to settle for. They are still there, and you just need to nudge yourself to find them again, with the flame of the courage within you, that only you yourself can ignite to burn brighter and move you to take action.

The Successful know, develop and use their courage, are blind to any limitations and corners in their lives, and actively look for ways to feed their optimism, passion, and relentless hunger for change, growth, and the continued accomplishments of successfully reaching goals, milestones, and finding elusive happiness among the way.