The Zen of Intelligence – Body, Musical Social

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

h4strongAlways Remember You’re Never Too Old to Develop Intelligence/strong/h4
Maintaining positive energy is an important component when developing the brain, so is disregarding depressing stories and tales about the brain. Our brain doesn’t have to deteriorate with age if we take the steps to regularly exercise and maintain our overall intelligence and brain activity. Let’s look at a few more important types of intelligence.
Training our body entails certain physical coordination along with dexterity, using both fine and gross motor skills. Increased understanding and awareness can lead us to master the expression of oneself as we learn how to and why, through physical activities. You can develop and maintain your a href=”” rel=”nofollow”body intelligence/a by playing, dancing, playing various active sports and games, as well as taking up yoga or even martial arts.

strongemWhere Body Intelligence Comes From?/em/strong What exactly makes us the way we are? Many things including past experiences with your friends, family, acquaintances, enemies, etc. By understanding we can figure out why we eat the way we tend to do, why we have a certain image of our body and why we either choose to move our bodies around (or don’t move our bodies around) on a regular routine basis. It’s also an important point about how family can influence just how we eat, and even more importantly, what we think about food including patterns of chronic dieting, the frequency of which can be sometimes traced back to our well-intentioned parents attempts to control our eating as a child. There are many other factors that can influence our body image, such as teasing in grade school, as well as activity levels, and even bad experiences.

Past influences can have a significant contribution to not only how we eat, but how we look at ourselves and how we move our bodies. Building your level of awareness can bring many ‘aha!’ moments to help increase our level of understanding, and what it takes to change what we don’t like, and improve what we like.
h4 strongMusical/strong/h4
a href=”” rel=”nofollow”Intelligence that is specific to music/a involves understanding and the expression of oneself through music and associated rhythmic movements known as dance, music composition, play a musical instrument, or even conducting music. You can exercise the intelligence by listening to various recordings, singing the music, as well as dancing to it, or playing an instrument if you prefer.

People who possess and show a strong musical intelligence are quite proficient at thinking in patterns, rhythms and sounds. They exhibit a strong and deep appreciation for music and frequently show a talent for musical composition and performance.
Social intelligence is a heightened understanding of how to both communicate with, and understand other people, and the how to work collaboratively. We can develop it through cooperative games, group projects and discussions, as well as dramatic activities or role-playing.

a href=”” rel=”nofollow”Social intelligence/a is a cumulative measure of both self and social awareness, highly-evolved social beliefs along with attitudes, and a larger capacity and appetite to manage complex social change.