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Auto Load Logic start up development utilizes advanced trailer loading software to streamline the process for shipping vehicles. This helps the different users involved in shipping a vehicle which include Shippers, Brokers and Carriers. This was a very large project that leverages both development and marketing from Dream Spectrum.



GreenBox is a start up development floral company that has taken a new approach to purchasing flowers online. We worked closely with the Harwell brothers behind GreenBox to invent and create new software and hardware solutions that go beyond the walk in cooler. Buy flowers in real time with GreenBox Floral.



iGreenPod is a startup for a 100% biodegradable coffee pod for Keurig machines. The coffee in the pods comes from artisan coffee roasters in Portland, OR. We worked closely with Shawn Altman, CEO of iGreenPod to develop the website. Now use Keuring machines with these environmentally friendly coffee pods!

At Dream Spectrum we have a passion for helping start-ups while problem solving. We love technology and get excited about bringing success to our customers. We connect our clients with a project manager and are agile in our development process. We are able to handle large projects with our diverse team.

Our team has over 50 combined years of experience in helping build websites. All of our staff has either created their own start-up at sometime or worked with start-ups. It is our passion. We have the experience to work with you while getting your ideas launched.

Contact us today to talk with a project manager to get started. We will help understand your goals and work to meet your needs.

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