Social Media Marketing Questions

1. What is the name of your Business? This helps us keep track of our surveys.

2. Who is the main contact and what is their email address?
Full Name:

3. Who are the customers or demographic you are targeting? (Consider age range, profession, economic status, etc..)

4. How would you best describe the products/services you offer to these customers?

5. What prime benefit do you offer that gives you a competitive advantage over your competition?

6. How would you best describe the passion or philosophy behind your business?

7. Please provide a brief overview of the services and products you offer and their price range.

8. How will your customers pay?

9. Which channel best moves and delivers your product and its benefits to your key market?

10. Why is your product or service worth trying and buying?

11. Where do your clients search to find you?

12. What core words do you use to describe your business or brand? Give us at least 6 key words. The more the better!


13. How would you best describe what action you wish potential customers to make after being exposed to your marketing?

14. Who is your #1 competitor? Do they have any strengths that you feel gives them an extra advantage?

15. Do you have an email list?
Yes No 

Other (please specify)

16. How would you describe what it is that your customers need the most of from you in order to keep and nurture your relationship?

17. What would you say is the deciding factor in convincing a customer to choose your product or service?

18. In your own words, what are 2 main goals you want to achieve with Social Media Marketing?