Finding The Right Software Team Has Never Been Easier

Communication. Consulting. Design. Cutting Edge.

Perhaps you are looking for talented developers to build your next idea or work on a current project. Software development is about communication and understanding your idea or needs. We are able to translate your ideas into working software. Our team is able to help consult on your idea and bring to reality. We are able to bring new and innovative ideas to the table that perhaps you didn’t think about.


Project Management | Business Consultation | Multi Platform Development & Design | Market/User Testing

Shawn Altman

Shawn Altman working on Software Development

When building a new product, Dream Spectrum focuses on creating a functioning product first, allowing you to see a return on your investment. Using the principles of Agile Development, we are able to work quickly and efficiently towards getting you the best product. This means that we are flexible and able to change direction if you decide to change direction.

What are the steps that we take in order to build your solution?

All of our projects follow a four phase design strategy:

  • Phase 1: Brainstorming
    • This phase is all about the the idea and gathering requirements. We sit down with the client and discuss exactly what it is they want. How will it work? What will it look like? What are some possible difficulties that could arise and how can we prevent them? These are all questions that are asked during this phase.
    • Having trouble defining exactly what you want? No problem. We can help you with that as well. Dream spectrum has over 50 years combined experience in start-up development.
  • Phase 2: Prototyping
    • This when the bulk of the development happens. We build with your plan in focus, but we stay flexible to your changing product or market. We are deadline and milestone centric and stay committed to your goals.
    • Testing is important. We want to identify the target amount of traffic you need in order to truly prove the concept. User testing is making sure the end client can navigate and use the product correctly. This means we test the design of your site as well as functionality.
  • Phase 3: Release
    • Once the client is happy with the product, we launch it! Dream Spectrum is able to handle all of the launch related items, including hosting and marketing.
  • Phase 4: Maintenance
    • No project is left behind. If something breaks or stops working, we are here to fix it for you. If you want to add a feature after launch, no problem. We encourage the evolution of our software products to remain modern and competitive.