Charles Caddell
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Charles Caddell
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Charles Caddell (Chuck) is the lead project manager at Dream Spectrum. He has experience handling projects from both large and small clients, but loves to focus on start-up development. Over 12 years of professional software and web development work has allowed him to follow social media trends from their earliest roots. From custom Facebook App integration to the development of a few stand alone social networks, Chuck understands how important it is to utilize social networks to their maximum potential. He has assisted countless businesses by building their social networking accounts from the ground up and getting serious traffic to their websites. You can find Chuck working as a project manager, developer, or social network marketing consultant (or, depending which part of the year it is, watching Walking Dead and Game of Thrones).

Hunting & Fishing, robotics, grilling/cooking, playing with his son, Sports, saltwater aquariums & drive-in movies.

Graphic Design, HTML5,Visual Basic, html, xml, CSS, ActionScript 2 & 3, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, WordPress, Magento, OScommerce, Boonex, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Bow Hunting Skills,  & Motion Graphics.