The Zen of Success – Focus on the Positive

Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

One of the key skills of the Successful that everyone should learn is how to be aware of negative thoughts, and once aware, replace them with positive thoughts. I learned this through running, climbing multiple floors of stairs and weight training, and there are many, many times when you absolutely feel like giving up as negative thoughts start popping up almost immediately, and trust me that if you don’t catch and overcome these negative thoughts in time, they’ll just fester and grow until you actually do give up.

Instead, you must learn and strive to focus on the positive, about how great you feel, how other people have accomplished what you’re attempting to do, and if they can, so can you, and about how good it will feel when you accomplish what you’ve challenged yourself with.

Also learn to always see the positive in just about any situation, visualize the challenges as opportunities, and you will find this results in happiness, as in my experience, because you don’t focus on the bad parts of your life, but on the good aspects, and be thankful for what you’ve been given. Here are a few more tips for developing a positive outlook and lifestyle.
listrongYou have to first admit /strongthat there are problemsstrong, /strongsimple, but not always easy/li
listrongIt’s important /strongto make goals a valuable part of your life/li
listrongAppreciate /strongyour real friends because they are few and hard to find and keep/li
listrongRealize /strongit is really all in your mind where you live and control everything about you/li
listrongAvoid /strongany negative influences that can rub off on you, because life’s too short/li
listrongFind /strongoptimistic quotes each week, if not each day/li
listrongFocus /strongyour imagination and efforts on becoming that new positive person hiding within/li
listrongCreate /strongyour life from within, and you will always know yourself/li
listrongImagine /strongthat you’re already a positive personand you will see it and be it/li
listrongSmile /strongat strangers and you smile affects you positively more than anyone/li
listrongVolunteer /strongor help othersand you are helping yourself/li
listrongReplace /strongnegative thoughts with something positive to maintain your positive vision/li
listrongUse the Law of Attraction/strong – The law of attraction states that every single positive or negative event that happened with you was attracted by you. Let’s say a good friend loaned you money when you didn’t have any. You attracted that, even without your awareness of using the law. Say that teacher, classmate, client, or co-worker gave you a hard time during the day. You attracted that, too. Again, we are using the law every second of every day./li