The Zen of Success – Child

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

The retention of childlike attributes in adulthood is becoming much more important with the development of social media technology, and the quick adaptation of people of all ages to social networking as the main method of remaining connected with their networks or social graphs. Human beings are younger longer than any other creature on earth, taking almost twenty years until we become adults. While we retain many our childlike attributes into adulthood, when most of us stop playing as we become adults and focus on work, we also lose our creativity and any abilities to think outside the box, a trend to nurture and continue to grow creative and innovative abilities has been building for the past decade as part of the Social Media (R)evolution.

When we are young, we learn, we connect, we socialize, we build strong relationships, we play, we experiment, we are curious, we feel wonder, we feel joy, we change, we grow, we imagine, we hope, we dream, we create, we care, and our life spirit is strong.

In adulthood, we are serious, we work, we are logical, we reason, we produce, we focus, we fight, we protect, and we believe in things strongly.

The future of the global economies is becoming less about being efficient, producing more stuff and protecting our respective turf and more about building strong relationships and connections, working together, embracing change and being creative, being curious, feeling wonder, hoping, dreaming, and keeping our life spirit strong. We live in an age where people starve in the very midst of abundance and the greatest enemy we have, has become ourselves, rejecting any change, with our own testosterone driven urge to control our beliefs, our territories and our environments at all costs, and the detriment to the future of all.

It’s time we think and listen with the openness of children, and allow the spirit and vision of youth to guide us beyond the rigid frameworks and dogma created by adults, and rekindle the flame and passions we need now more than ever.