The Zen of Success – Build a Success Knowledgebase

Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

Most successful people definitely read a lot, if not all the time. They tend to build both internal and external libraries with the knowledge they find and are able to absorb, and I call them success libraries made of material and information that serves to improve our lives.

Now when you think about it most successful people start build their libraries early on, especially the internal reference libraries they carry with them in their minds, and they continually are thinking of ways of how the information can be used to best impact the businesses and projects they develop, and ultimately improve the global economy, if even on a small scale the impact remains.

Now if we look at most people, we will most likely observe that they don’t have a success library of any kind. The reality is, most don’t have a library at all because they hardly read anything, and most certainly haven’t set foot in one since early in school.

Unfortunately, their libraries consist of the latest copy of Cosmo, the daily newspaper or even worse a tabloid, complete with its headlines of death and controversy. There is nothing redeeming about reading about a plane crash, learning about the latest bout of insanity from Washington, or reading about the asinine ramblings of many unknowledgeable celebrities that are bent on repeating pseudo-facts they heard from…you guessed it, other celebrities.

Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrities, and there are exceptions, but most only have a small understanding of what they speak, and it shows they need to work more on building their own success library or knowledgebase, if possible.

Instead, a success library would be about things which further your knowledge, expand your viewpoints of the world around you, help you to understand and relate to people in the world around you, and understand more completely the most important person of all…..YOU.