The Zen of Intelligence – Emotional, Spiritual Creative

Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in The Zen Of Success

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There is still much about the brain that remains a mystery, and we are still learning new facts about continuing development of the brain even into more advanced ages. Many of the old tales about the brain’s ability to learn new things diminishing with age are proving to be old tales and the stories urban legends are made of, and just not true. Let’s examine three types of intelligence where the brain can be effectively developed and maintained.


The development of a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”Emotional Intelligence/a involves the clear understanding of one’s inner world of emotions and thoughts. And increasing the ability and strength in the brain to control both emotions and thoughts, and consciously work with them.  We can develop the brain through participation in independent projects, reading informative and enlightening books, journal/blog writing, creative and imaginative activities and games, counseling, and many times just quiet reflection and deep meditation.


a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”Spiritual intelligence/a can be a powerful force in one’s life and overall intelligence make up, since it entails accessing our deepest meanings, purposes, and highest motivation. We can most often develop it by identifying quiet peaceful places for personal reflection, or by the practice of deep meditation or thoughtful prayer.


By definition, the creative is unconventional, anarchic, flexible, open and difficult to pin down. What the concept of creative intelligence does is enable us to understand and apply the dimension of human life that can sometimes feel so erratic or nebulous, and difficult to get a hold of and completely understand intellectually.

It is wired into the human genome that we are all creating all the time, both consciously and unconsciously, but our clear understanding of how, and our level of confidence in any part of the process, has most likely been suppressed in us. So, another way to think is that creative intelligence is a vital dimension of the capacity of human intelligence which can be allowed to flow freely and unbridled or stifled by many influences from environmental to cultural.

Creativity includes creating something new and original with either your mind or with your body, and sometimes both. a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”Creative Intelligence/a can be developed by the participation in plays or make-believe games, by creative writing, painting, handicrafts, decorations, cooking, sewing and so forth. There are some activities that combine more than one type of intelligence. An example of this would be dancing that sharpens your Spatial Intelligence (i.e. you are learning patterns), Social, Musical, and Bodily Intelligences at the same time with the same activity.

Understand that formal study is also a way to keep the brain young and growing as a human being. When you go back to school, studying sharpens your Logical, Verbal and Creative Intelligences, as well as your Social and Emotional Intelligences. Also, changing up your job at times is another way to keep the brain in a state training. Some scientist that study the brain closely agree that it’s a good idea to make a change every ten years or sometimes sooner and do something different, either within the same organization or to move to another one.